At Pever Building Company, we don't just build houses. We build homes where families live and memories are made. Pever Building Company takes great pride and personal satisfaction in building homes where our customers and their families live, play, and work. We also understand that a home is a major investment for most families. To protect your investment, we use only top grade building materials and proven construction techniques to ensure value that will last a lifetime.

Whether you have a detailed building plan or just an idea, Pever Building Company will work closely with you to create the home of your dreams. For customers needing design assistance, we can advise you on several well known architects who can design the perfect home for you and your family. We then provide detailed estimates that eliminate any confusion over costs and procedures. Personal service is an important part of the quality we provide. We're always available to listen and assist you with any questions throughout the entire home building process.

Select your lot or your location.
Determine your budget and arrange financing.
Choose your design. Pever Building Company can assist you with your selection.
Research building ordinances or regulations for your location. We will be glad to help you obtain information.
Provide a detailed building plan if you have one. If not, Pever Building Company will develop one for you
based on your ideas, preferences, building location, and budget.
Carefully review our detailed cost estimate. We'll go over every item with you to ensure you understand
all costs involved in your project.
Obtain building permits. We'll be glad to assist you with obtaining permits and paperwork.
Break ground!